Form Themes

Choose from our collection of form themes to change the look and feel of your form.

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Blossoming Wealth

"Blossoming Wealth" delivers a sleek, professional web form appearance, blending user-friendly design with the modern DM Sans Google font, nature-inspired aesthetics, and a crisp greyscale palette accented with vibrant green.

Crystal Clear

"Crystal Clear" offers a pristine interface with a luminous, glassy background, accented by calming blue and white outlines. Utilizing the readable Lexend font, it ensures a tranquil and enjoyable form-filling experience.

Dynamic Workspace

This full-width form theme offers a crisp black and white design with the easy-to-read Lato font, expansive input fields, vibrant green rectangular buttons, and a striking blue submit button for an efficient form experience.

Energetic Flow

Energize your forms with "Energetic Flow," a theme that marries the Poppins font with prominent blue labels and vivid orange buttons, creating a user experience that is clear, spacious, and mobile-friendly.

Event Horizon

"Event Horizon" presents a bold, dark form theme with a seamless borderless design. Its striking red and black color scheme, contrasted by white Open Sans text, delivers a powerful user experience.

Industrial Strength

"Industrial Strength" is a commanding form theme from Wizara, featuring a black and red palette. Paired with the Open Sans font, it delivers a responsive and powerful user experience.

Modern Metro

"Modern Metro" offers a clean, minimalist form theme with seamless borderless inputs and subtly rounded corners, set against a full-width soothing powder blue background. It's designed for a modern, user-friendly experience.

Mountain Stream

"Mountain Stream" is a serene form theme featuring a light blue background, large inputs, dark labels, and mountain blue buttons, completed with a darker submit button for enhanced clarity.

Noir Elegance

"Noir Elegance" unfolds a realm of modern sophistication with its dark violet theme, featuring sleek borderless inputs, a standout purple submit button, and the clean, geometric lines of the Montserrat font.

Onyx Pulse

"Onyx Pulse" is a dynamic dark-mode form theme, featuring a striking red and black scheme, underlined input fields, and a red outlined submit button, crafted for an engaging and impactful user experience.

Prairie Capital

"Prairie Capital" offers an inviting online form theme with softly rounded corners and a bold, prominent submit button. This mobile-friendly design promotes clear readability and smooth interaction, making it versatile for various applications.

Sleek Compliance

This bordered, full-width theme offers a sleek, structured form experience with a vibrant yellow and blue color scheme, prioritizing clarity and ease of use. It features an outlined submit button and distinct borders, ensuring a professional, mobile-friendly user experience.