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Step into a world of form-building wonders with our captivating form designs. Discover a wide range of beautiful forms ready for your customization, from sleek and modern designs to timeless classics. Explore the power of conditional logic, targetable CSS, interactive sliders, file uploads, and more. Be inspired by our stunning forms that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality. Unleash your creativity and create engaging and interactive web forms that leave a lasting impression.

Form Builder Overview

Effortlessly create captivating online forms with Wizara's AI-powered builder, featuring mobile-friendly designs, an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, and robust security for seamless data collection & integration.

Mobile friendly and fully responsive

Wizara ensures your forms adapt beautifully to any screen size, providing an optimal user experience across all devices.

Functional and modern designs

Impress your audience with sleek and contemporary form layouts, making interactions enjoyable and visually appealing.

Simple drag and drop interface

No coding required – build custom forms with a user-friendly drag and drop editor.

Powerful AI-assisted form creation

Wizara's AI text prompting lets you create complex forms easily through a simple conversation with our intelligent form-building wizard.

Robust data security and encryption

Rest assured, your form data is protected with Wizara's advanced security measures and encryption protocols.

Friendly and timely online support

Our dedicated team provides prompt, helpful assistance for a smooth form-building experience.

Built-in form analytics

Measure time on form, views, submissions, and more with Wizara's built-in analytics, empowering you to make informed decisions for form success.

Embeddable as an HTML snippet

Easily integrate Wizara forms into your website by embedding HTML snippets, streamlining the process.

Seamless backend integration

Streamline data management with Wizara's seamless integration of form submissions into your back office systems.

Extensive library of form templates

Choose from hundreds of professional form templates to kickstart your form-building process and save time.

Instant form loading (<2 seconds)

Enjoy quick form loading times, typically under 2 seconds, for seamless form completion with Wizara's efficient technology.

Receive form responses via email

Stay connected and informed with form responses delivered directly to your inbox for prompt follow-up and analysis.

Form Sample #1

Conditional Logic

Hide or show fields depending on user input.

Forms are a powerful tool for collecting information from people online, but sometimes you need to ask different questions based on the answers provided.

That's where conditional logic, or branching logic, comes in!

Think of it like a smart form that adapts based on what you choose. With conditional logic, you can show or hide certain fields or sections of a form, guiding users through a personalized experience. It makes forms smarter, more efficient and ensures that respondents only see the questions relevant to them.

In this form created for Payne Transport, several examples are in play.

The first one is when the driver fills in the Beginning Odometer field. The form only displays the Ending Odometer field after entering the initial field.

The form then calculates the distance travelled, either in kilometers or miles, depending on what the user selects for their odometer.

A little further down, when the driver selects Nature of work performed, the fields within the form will also adjust accordingly.

Form Sample #2

Targetable CSS Selectors

Style the form to match your brand.

Our CSS selectors gives you the ability to apply specific styles and formatting to different elements of you form.

With targetable selectors, you can easily customize the appearance of individual form fields, sections, buttons or components to create a cohesive and visually appealing design.

By leveraging CSS, you have precise control over the styling of your form, ensuring that it aligns with your branding and captures the attention of your audience.

So for example, if purple with pink polka dots is what you want, it can be done!

Form Sample #3

Interactive Sliders

Make the process more enjoyable.

Interactive sliders are a dynamic and engaging element that allows users to adjust values or settings by dragging a slider handle along a track. With interactive sliders, you can create intuitive and interactive form elements, such as price ranges, rating scales, or input adjustments.

By providing users with a visual and interactive way to input data, interactive sliders enhance the user experience, make form interactions more engaging, and enable precise input selection.

Form Sample #4

File Uploader

Get documents, images, or videos, through an online form.

This feature enables businesses and individuals to collect important files and information from their users or customers. With file uploads, you can easily receive resumes, supporting documents, creative assets, or any other type of file that is relevant to your form's purpose.

This functionality expands the capabilities of your forms, enabling users to share necessary files for various purposes, including job applications, project submissions, photo sharing, and more.

Form Sample #5

Interactive Fields

To trigger events, animations or API calls.

With interactive fields, form submission becomes an engaging and dynamic experience.

Imagine an interactive Pet Adoption Form where a virtual puppy comes to life as you fill out the fields.

Whether it's selecting checkboxes, entering text, or making choices from dropdown menus, each interaction triggers a delightful response from the virtual pet, like a wagging tail.

Interactive fields bring forms to life, making the process of filling them out more engaging and enjoyable. But they do more than just add a fun element. These fields can actually perform actions behind the scenes, like making calls to other systems and fetching information in real-time as you interact with them.

Form Sample #6


Effortless payments with Stripe integration.

Confidently collect payments through your e-commerce forms with Wizara's smooth and secure Stripe integration. Stripe offers a robust set of features, including support for various payment methods and currencies, advanced fraud detection, and seamless integration with popular e-commerce platforms. By leveraging the power of Stripe, Wizara enables you to offer a seamless and reliable payment experience to your customers.

You Can Try It!

Note: We want to emphasize that the form you are about to fill out is not a demo or simulation. It's a real form designed to accept real payments for a truly remarkable charity called Life With A Baby. Please be aware that any payments made through this form are final and non-refundable. Rest assured, your contribution will go towards supporting a wonderful cause that makes a positive impact on the lives of families and children. Take a moment to learn more about Life With A Baby and join us in making a difference together.

Form Sample #7

CSS Animation

Captivate users with animations.

Introducing the Fairway Divorce Solutions Survey, a prime example of Wizara's exquisite form design capabilities.

As you explore the survey, you'll notice how the form elements gracefully respond to your interactions, creating a seamless and engaging experience.

With Wizara, we go beyond mere functionality and infuse artistry into form creation, making every interaction a delightful and visually captivating journey.

Form Sample #8

AI Generated Forms

Need something quick? Let Wizara generate the form using AI.

Introducing the Fairway Divorce Solutions Franchise Form, an illustration of the formidable capabilities of Wizara's powerful platform.

The AI's impressive capacity to comprehend the specific requirements of a franchisee, allowing it to include an extensive skill assessment section in the form. This section delves into the applicant's experience in sales, business management, dispute resolution, communication, decision-making, and more.

By understanding the franchisor's needs, the AI knows that franchise applicants must possess the necessary qualities to succeed in the Fairway Divorce business.

Harness AI technology with Wizara to simplify form creation, making it as easy as having a conversation. With seamless integration options, localized features, and smart skill assessments, AI-generated forms become invaluable tools for businesses worldwide.

Note: This form was generated using Wizara AI.

Text to Form Prompt: Fairway Divorce Solutions is an Canadian Franchise that offers divorce mediation to couples wanting to separate and divorce. I need a an online form appropriate for anyone interested in purchasing a Fairway Franchise. This form will go on fairwayfranchise.com so that we can gather all the info we need to make an informed decisions on bringing new potential franchise owners into our system.

Form Sample #9

Emoji Support

🎉 Express yourself with emojis.

Hello, emoji enthusiasts! Are you ready to take your form-building experience to a whole new level of fun and expressiveness?

With Wizara, you can add a splash of creativity and excitement to your surveys, questionnaires, and feedback forms. Emojis aren't just for text messages and social media anymore – now, they're the life of the party in your forms too!

From happy faces to unicorns and tacos, we support emojis so you captivate your audience in a delightful and unique way. 🦄🌮

Note: This web form was built using Wizara AI.

Text to Form Prompt: Make a super happy fun emoji survey!

Form Sample #10

Calculated Fields

Unlock the power of calculated fields using EJS!

Discover the possibilities of dynamic calculations and real-time results within your forms.

Wizara Forms supports calculated fields using EJS (Embedded JavaScript). Seamlessly connect form elements and automate your form's functionality with personalized insights.

Elevate your data collection experience with Wizara Forms today!

Note: This form was created using Wizara AI.

Text to Form Prompt: Create an interesting calculator of your choosing. Make the calculator look nice with a title and a good description so people online can find it. It is extremely important to display any results in HTML, as we will not submit this form. Check variables for empty values and handle them gracefully.

Form Sample #11

Multilingual AI

Easily create forms in different languages.

Expand your horizons and reach a global audience with Wizara Forms' innovative AI-powered multilingual support!

Overcome language barriers with our cutting-edge AI technology. Wizara's AI can automatically detect and translate form elements into multiple languages, enabling you to create seamless multilingual forms in a snap.

Simply input your questions and content, and let our AI work its magic. Whether it's English, Spanish, French, or any other language, Wizara's AI ensures that your forms speak the language of your respondents, wherever they may be.

Experience a truly inclusive and global form-building experience with Wizara's AI-powered multilingual support. Break down communication barriers and connect with a diverse audience like never before!

Note: This multilingual form was built using Wizara AI.

Text to Form Prompt: Create a Canadian knowledge survey in Ukrainian with translations in English and French in the descriptions. Add a nice header and intro for our Ukrainian friends.

Send Custom Emails

Instantly respond to form submissions with personalized email confirmations. Customize them to your liking. Get started now!

Connect Your Forms

Wizara natively supports seamless form connections to various third-party tools and services, including email, webhooks, Stripe, Zapier, and Slack, empowering you to streamline your workflow and extend the functionality of your forms effortlessly.

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