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Discover the Multitude of Ways Customers Thrive with Wizara

Explore the dynamic ways businesses harness Wizara for growth: from lead generation to workflow automation, see real-world applications that elevate user engagement and operational efficiency.

How Customers Are Using Wizara

Businesses leverage Wizara’s innovative platform to collect comprehensive data, gather feedback, facilitate file uploads, process payments, and streamline workflows, all while qualifying leads with ease.

Wizara allows for the creation of specialized calculators, engaging quizzes, detailed surveys, and even intricate mortgage applications in multiple languages including French, English, and Spanish.

Unique use cases abound; PPC Profit Pros uses Wizara for client acquisition through strategic third-party website advertisements, while Grimshaw Trucking utilizes the platform to schedule pickups and deliver customer quotes. DWS Logistics and Smook Contractors turn to Wizara for efficient event management and recruitment processes, respectively, creating forms for food orders, RSVPs, and job applications. Life With A Baby harnesses the form builder to secure online donations, underscoring the platform's utility in the non-profit sector. Major clients like Mullen Group and Heavy Crude Hauling optimize lead generation and customer feedback through Wizara’s seamless integration with CRM and ERP systems, demonstrating its enterprise-level application.

The communication becomes more immediate with integrations sending form data directly to Slack, Jira, or AWS Event Bridge. With support for Webhooks and Zapier, Wizara enables connectivity with with numerous web services.

Transitioning from paper forms or static PDF fillable forms to Wizara’s dynamic, mobile-responsive interface is a trend among forward-thinking organizations, signaling a shift towards a paperless era and significantly improved user experiences. Whether it's for upgrading a website, empowering an app, or simplifying business processes, Wizara stands out as a pivotal tool for boosting leads and enhancing user engagement.

Sample Form

Web Form Design Strategy

Make Every Form Beautiful and Accessible

At Wizara, we are unwavering in our commitment to excellence, crafting high-quality forms that captivate and inspire. We believe that every form should be a visual masterpiece, an artful blend of aesthetics and functionality. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that each form created through Wizara is a stunning representation of your brand and vision.

User experience (UX) and accessibility lie at the heart of our form design philosophy. With Wizara, we go beyond aesthetics to ensure that every form is thoughtfully crafted with the user in mind. Our dedication to accessibility means that your web forms will be inclusive, reaching a wider audience and ensuring equal access to information and opportunities.

Real World Examples

Below are just few simple examples how our customers are using Wizara.

Helene Campbell

Helene Campbell

Corporate Compliance Manager, DWS Logistics

Wizara Form Builder has brought a touch of magic to our event planning at DWS Logistics. As the Corporate Compliance Manager, I am thrilled with the versatility this platform offers. From planning company events to capturing important information through contact forms on our website.

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Aaron Adamson

Aaron Adamson

Founder & CEO, PPC Profit Pros.

It's like the Swiss army knife of online form creators. Whether we're building client forms, running surveys or advertising on third-party sites, this powerhouse tool has our back. And have you seen what it can do with animations? Our forms are a cut above the rest, and that's all thanks to Wizara!

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Allison Bowman

Allison Bowman

Foundation Manager, Life With A Baby

Wizara is a great forms tool. I use many form tools in my jobs - ranging from WordPress to Qualtrics to Google Forms, and they work well, but I need to use a different one for each thing I am asking for, as they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Wizara has created a solution that mitigates all the weaknesses and allows me to create simple forms with ease.

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Amanda McDonald

Amanda McDonald

Human Resources Manager, Caneda Transport

The Wizara form allows for our company to streamline general and specific inquiries in a seamless manner on our website's contact page. We have the ability to have the inquiries automatically directed to the appropriate departments and this improves efficiency as our team members are provided all the contact details in one email. The requests are then able to be dealt with in a timely manner where we can further assist and follow up. With Wizara, we are able to continue providing superior customer service.

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Tracey Hinds

Tracey Hinds

Finance & Administration Manager, Smook Contractors

The Wizara Job Application is a helpful recruitment strategy. It offers an efficient way to collect online leads and makes attaching resumes a breeze for applicants. The best part? These applications are instantly shared with our team, ensuring a quick and unified approach to every potential hire.

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