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At Wizara, we believe in the magic of human imagination combined with the power of technology. Our team is more than just a collection of skilled individuals – we're a spirited ensemble, passionate about crafting seamless solutions that transform the way you interact with online forms. United by a common purpose, we embrace creativity, diversity, and the thrill of innovation. With each line of code we write, each design we shape, and each challenge we conquer, we're dedicated to making your form-building journey as enchanting and effortless as possible.

Join us on this exciting quest as we redefine the art of digital communication, one form at a time.

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Daryl is the visionary behind the innovative form-building app, Wizara. Hailing from Okotoks, AB, Daryl is the driving force behind the development of this AI-powered tool that reimagines the process of creating online forms. As part of the team at Rayova (www.rayova.com), a web design and integration firm, Daryl's expertise and passion shine through in the creation of Wizara.

With Wizara, Daryl envisions a world where crafting web forms is as effortless as having a conversation. No longer constrained by tedious template searches or starting from scratch, Wizara empowers users to effortlessly generate a wide range of forms, from lead-generation forms to online polls, donation forms, questionnaires, and even e-commerce forms. Daryl's brainchild brings forth a revolutionary concept that streamlines the process of form creation, eliminating the need for coding and technical expertise.

Daryl's dedication to excellence is evident in Wizara's unique features and capabilities. The app supports text-to-form prompting, enabling users to articulate their form requirements in a natural and conversational manner. Beyond that, Wizara's support for animations, multi-language forms, and interactive elements showcases Daryl's commitment to enhancing user experiences.

In a world where online interactions and data collection are paramount, Daryl's brainchild, Wizara, stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. With a blend of technical mastery and enchanting artistry, Daryl and his team have crafted a tool that not only simplifies form creation but also inspires trust, excitement, and a sense of wonder in the possibilities of seamless data collection. Wizara isn't just an app—it's a testament to Daryl's expertise, creativity, and dedication to shaping the digital landscape.

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Meet Josh, the brilliant Lead Solutions Architect at Wizara, whose expertise and contributions play a pivotal role in driving the success of the innovative form-building app. Hailing from Okotoks, Alberta, Josh's journey is one marked by profound technical prowess and a deep understanding of cloud solutions.

With a remarkable 15-year collaboration alongside Daryl, their dynamic partnership has not only cultivated a strong friendship but also an unwavering powerhouse team. Josh's mastery of cloud computing and software development has reached unparalleled heights. As a certified Cloud Solutions Architect, he has adeptly navigated the intricate landscapes of AWS, Azure and Kubernetes, becoming an early adopter of these transformative technologies well before their mainstream recognition.

Josh's daily immersion in the realm of SaaS products is a testament to his dedication to crafting and refining top-tier solutions. His programming toolkit boasts an impressive array of languages including TypeScript, Go, and Python. He utilizes React.js, React Native, and the serverless technologies to build great features with nearly limitless scalability, less operational maintenance, and unmatched cost efficiency. By reducing cognitive load and championing best practices, he ensures that Wizara's solutions are not only innovative but also reliable and quickly accessible to the world.

Beyond his programming prowess, Josh is on a mission to elevate the manageability of cloud-based projects. His dedication to simplifying and streamlining cloud services is evident through his involvement in the burgeoning Infrastructure from Code movement.

Josh's comprehensive skill set spans from Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) to system architecture, from microservices to cloud security. His profound understanding of business requirements and his skill in crafting solutions aligned with organizational objectives make him an invaluable asset, with a profound impact in sectors as diverse as real estate, investment, medical, and finance.

A certified Scrum Master and collaborative visionary, Josh's influence is undeniable. His adept orchestration of software solution design and implementation underscores his ability to wield technology to achieve tangible results. Seamlessly weaving together cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments, he breathes life into solutions that are adaptable, efficient, and transformative.

He personifies the spirit of innovation that defines Wizara, infusing each project with a harmonious blend of cutting-edge solutions and a dedication to excellence.

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Introducing Eli, the lead developer behind the Wizara app, and an AI enthusiast whose expertise spans a diverse spectrum beyond software development.

With a rich background spanning more than a decade, Eli is a seasoned Full Stack Developer who orchestrates technological symphonies using an array of languages and frameworks. As the younger brother of Josh, Eli brings a unique blend of technical prowess and a big-hearted approach to every endeavor. Working together, their coding mastery is unparalleled in proficiency. Whether it is TypeScript, JavaScript, PHP, or Java, they navigate intricate software projects flawlessly. Eli's front-end artistry is brought to life with React and Next.js for server-side rendering, and his architectural finesse is evident in every facet.

His projects span multiple platforms, from crafting desktop and mobile apps with Electron and React Native to his instrumental role in shaping the revolutionary Wizara form editor. Eli's expertise goes beyond traditional development, as he is also a connoisseur of Artificial Intelligence. He delves into the realm of machine learning, showcasing proficiency in LLMs like ChatGPT and text-to-image technology like Stable Diffusion XL, as well as Llama and many other AI models. Embracing the ethos of open-source collaboration through HuggingFace, Eli's ability to train and deploy AI places him at the forefront of this cutting-edge field.

With Eli's expertise, Wizara's form-building capabilities ascend to unprecedented heights. The fusion of technical prowess and AI acumen results in an editor that empowers users to seamlessly create forms infused with AI intelligence. Eli's journey is a narrative of continuous innovation, with impact resonating in the code he crafts, the AI he harnesses, and the transformative experiences he creates.

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Meet Kenna, the mastermind behind the captivating form templates that fuel your online interactions. With an innate artistic flair and an unquenchable passion for design, Kenna transforms your digital aspirations into visually enchanting realities.

As the brilliant designer at Wizara, Kenna brings a unique touch to the world of form creation. Her canvas isn't a traditional artist's easel; it's the digital realm where lines of code intertwine with aesthetic brilliance. Armed with a deep understanding of user experience and an eye for intricate detail, Kenna is your guide to crafting form templates that resonate, captivate, and inspire.

So, whether you're seeking a touch of elegance, a dash of innovation, or a burst of creativity in your form templates, rest assured that Kenna is your design virtuoso. With her artistic prowess, technical expertise, and unwavering commitment, she transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, crafting form templates that stand as testaments to her mastery and your vision.

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Drake's artistic journey was shaped by the dynamic influence of his father, Daryl. With a tech-savvy upbringing and unlimited computer power at his fingertips, Drake's foray into the world of digital arts was inevitable.

With an extensive background in 3D digital art and two voluntary years in the game development realm, Drake's drive to craft outstanding visuals for diverse platforms is impression for his age. From his tenure at Yendis Entertainment, where his 3D modeling and texturing prowess found a home in real-time web applications, to his role as a lead designer on an indie game, his mark on the gaming community is unmistakable.

Adept with tools like Blender, Substance Painter, and Substance Designer, Drake's skill set spans 3D hard-surface modeling, environment design, sculpting, UV unwrapping, character rigging, rendering, and more. His love for crafting immersive worlds is fueled by his devotion to mastering 3D programs, driving his ability to create captivating 3D environments.

Drake's journey is one of skillful artistry, technological finesse, and boundless innovation, shaping immersive realities that captivate and inspire.

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