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Case Study #1: DWS Logistics

Picture a company that embarked on its voyage with just one client and a humble warehouse in Hamilton, Ontario. As you fast-forward through time, this same company has blossomed into a master of logistics, strategically placing its footprint across Eastern Canada. This is the story of DWS Logistics - a tale of ambition, growth, and unparalleled dedication. Join us as we unravel the remarkable evolution of DWS Logistics, a journey that encapsulates the essence of aspiration turned into reality.

DWS Logistics, an independent "business unit" of Mullen Group, and a true powerhouse in the world of warehouse logistics, distribution, transportation management, transloading, and e-commerce fulfillment services.

Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, DWS operates two state-of-the-art Distribution Centres with George Caines at the helm as President. DWS continues to thrive and excel in delivering top-notch logistics solutions across Canada.

George Caines

Streamlining DWS Logistics' Annual Staff BBQ with Wizara

The Staff BBQ

Like any growing company, DWS faced a challenge that needed a modern solution – organizing their annual staff BBQ in a more efficient and delightful way. That's where the game-changing AI-powered form builder, Wizara, stepped in, revolutionizing how DWS Logistics manages its events and creating seamless experiences for its staff.

Client's Initial Challenge

The initial challenge for DWS Logistics revolved around the annual staff BBQ event. Traditionally, they relied on a manual clipboard system to collect food selections from their staff. However, with over 150 employees spread across two warehouse locations, this approach proved to be time-consuming and cumbersome. Seeking a more efficient and user-friendly solution, they turned to Microsoft Forms, but unfortunately, it fell short in meeting their ease-of-use and user experience requirements.

How Wizara Was Introduced

In the early months of 2021, a fortuitous connection unfolded between Daryl Maksymec, the mastermind behind Wizara, and Helene Campbell, the Corporate Compliance Manager at DWS Logistics. Their paths crossed thanks to Becky King, the Executive Assistant at Mullen Group's headquarters, where Rayova was already gaining prominence.

While diligently crafting the DWS Logistics website, Rayova fostered a strong bond with the company. Amidst the excitement of planning their annual BBQ event, Helene shared her aspirations for a more efficient approach to gathering food selections. Recognizing the perfect opportunity to introduce Wizara, Daryl suggested the AI-powered form builder as a game-changing solution to automate the process and streamline data collection.

Wizara's Role and Features

Right at that moment, Daryl sprang into action using the powerful Wizara Form Builder. Within an astonishing six minutes, he swiftly crafted a customized form tailored to DWS Logistics' specific BBQ event requirements. The form's ingenious design allowed staff members to effortlessly choose their desired food selection, indicate their attendance status, and even provide additional comments if they couldn't make it.

Implementing the form was a breeze. It merely involved a simple cut-and-paste of the Wizara-provided JavaScript onto the company's website. This seamless integration ensured that staff could access the form with ease, making participation in the event a smooth and delightful experience.

Introducing the Form

To revolutionize the process of organizing their annual staff BBQ, DWS Logistics deployed an innovative and time-saving solution powered by Wizara. They initiated the transformation with an eye-catching and informative poster displayed at their locations. The poster, featuring the headline "DWS LOGISTICS STAFF APPRECIATION," enticed staff to attend the summer BBQ event.

What set this poster apart was the inclusion of a dynamic QR code and a website URL (www.dwslogistics.com/bbq). When staff held up their phones to the QR code, they were instantly redirected to the company's website, where a user-friendly and intuitive form greeted them. The seamless integration of the QR code and website URL ensured a smooth user experience, enabling staff to participate effortlessly in the event while facilitating accurate catering arrangements for DWS Logistics' unforgettable summer BBQ.

DWS Staff BBQ Poster with QR code

Content of the Form

The content of the form presented a well-organized and user-friendly interface, designed to streamline the staff's food selection process for DWS Logistics' annual BBQ. The first fields captured essential information, such as the attendee's First Name and Last Name. Next, the Location of Work field offered a choice between Courtney Park or David Hunting, ensuring that attendees could specify their respective warehouse location effortlessly.

The Attendance status field provided staff with three options: Yes, On Vacation, or No. Here, Wizara's conditional logic capabilities came into play. Depending on the selected option, the form adapted dynamically to display relevant information. If staff chose "Yes," they were directed to the Food Selections section to pick from a delectable array of options, including Halal 100% Beef Burger, Halal 100% Beef Sausage, Halal Chicken Burger, and Vegetarian Gluten-Free Burger.

However, if staff selected "On Vacation" the form would end or "No," an additional textarea appeared, inviting them to share reasons for not attending. This thoughtful application of conditional logic allowed DWS Logistics to gain valuable insights into staff availability and preferences, facilitating improved event planning for future occasions.

With a user-centric approach and the power of Wizara's form builder, DWS Logistics achieved an efficient, personalized, and enjoyable form-filling experience, contributing to the resounding success of their annual BBQ event.

DWS Sample Order Form

User Experience and Feedback

The staff's response to the Wizara form was overwhelmingly positive. It was user-friendly, and the QR code on the colorful poster that allowed for easy access to the form on the company's website. Only one remote staff member was briefly confused about which location to attend, but overall, the process was smooth and successful.

Data Collection

As the form submissions poured in, Wizara's magic continued to shine. All the valuable data was meticulously stored in Wizara's provided inbox on the web app. This centralized repository made it a breeze for Helen to manage and oversee the event's logistics. With a few clicks, Helen could effortlessly download a comprehensive CSV file, containing not just the staff members' food selections, but also the reasons for those who couldn't attend.

Thanks to Wizara's remarkable capabilities, DWS Logistics had a seamless, efficient, and data-driven solution at their disposal. The event planning process had undergone a transformative evolution, and DWS could now focus on creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for all staff members attending the much-anticipated BBQ event.

DWS Form Inbox

Success Metrics

The successful implementation of Wizara yielded impressive success metrics for DWS Logistics. With the introduction of Wizara, the time-saving benefits were immediately apparent. Helen saw a notable reduction in the time she spent managing the event's logistics, allowing her to focus on other crucial tasks.

Moreover, the staff's experience improved significantly. With Wizara's intuitive and streamlined form process, the time it took for staff members to fill out their selections dramatically decreased. The result was a seamless data collection process, leading to precise catering arrangements that perfectly catered to each individual's preferences. The success of Wizara's implementation not only impressed the team at DWS Logistics but also set the stage for future events to be managed with the same level of efficiency and ease.

Lessons Learned and Future Usage

The successful implementation of Wizara for DWS Logistics' annual BBQ event provided valuable lessons for the company. One key takeaway was the significance of considering remote working staff when deploying such solutions, ensuring inclusivity and user accessibility. As a result of the seamless and efficient form-building experience with Wizara, DWS Logistics now plans to leverage the platform for all future events, including bowling nights, Christmas parties, and other gatherings.

With Wizara's AI-powered form builder at their disposal, DWS Logistics can easily create custom forms for various event registrations, food preferences, attendance tracking, and more. The ability to quickly generate and customize forms with Wizara's user-friendly interface means that DWS Logistics can focus more on organizing memorable events and less on managing cumbersome administrative tasks.

Moreover, the positive feedback and time-saving benefits observed during the BBQ event reinforced the decision to rely on Wizara for streamlining data gathering across all company events. By integrating Wizara into their event planning process, DWS Logistics can ensure smooth coordination, efficient catering arrangements, and a delightful experience for their staff.


In conclusion, Wizara's remarkable performance at the annual BBQ served as a catalyst for DWS Logistics' commitment to using the platform for future events. With Wizara's support, DWS Logistics can continue to create engaging and user-friendly forms, transforming event planning into a hassle-free and enjoyable process for both staff and organizers alike