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Wizara Logo + Tagline


The logomark is the central and most distinctive part of the logo. It consists of two interlocked swirls, one in Crimson (#993366) and the other in Purple (#7766CC). These swirls create a mesmerizing Vortex, symbolizing the dynamic and transformative nature of the platform.


To the right of the logomark, the logotext reads "WIZARA" in uppercase letters. The UPPERCASE was inspired by the "ZOLTAR" fortune telling machines. The font used for the logotext is based upon the typefaces first created by the famed French printer Claude Garamond in the sixteenth century, but squashed down to 87.5% of its original height. The letter "R" has its right "leg" extended under the "A," which adds a unique touch to the typography, inspired by the World of Warcraft logo.

Color Palette

The logo incorporates the brand's color palette, consisting of Crimson (#993366) and Purple (#7766CC). These colors not only enhance the visual appeal of the logo but also reinforce the brand identity.


The Vortex-shaped logomark symbolizes the powerful and magical capabilities of the Wizara platform. It represents the seamless and transformative process of turning simple text prompts into fully functional and captivating web forms with the help of AI.

Rotation Animation

The logo is typically presented as an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) on the website, and it features a slow counterclockwise rotation animation. This animation adds a touch of dynamism to the logo, capturing the attention of visitors and reinforcing the idea of constant movement and progress.

Brand Identity

The logo's design and colors align with the brand's identity as a modern, bright, and user-friendly form-building platform. The use of vibrant colors and dynamic swirls conveys a sense of excitement and innovation, reflecting the user experience offered by Wizara.

Wizara Horizontal Logos + Tagline

Wizara's logo variations offer strategic versatility and clarity to complement diverse branding contexts. The Horizontal Logo (3:1 aspect ratio) embodies adaptability, ideal for web headers, email signatures, social media banners, presentations, and business cards, ensuring a commanding and harmonious presence across digital and print mediums.

Wizara Stacked Logos + Tagline

Wizara's Stacked Logo variation embodies adaptability and seamless design, with its 1:1 aspect ratio tailored for square spaces. It excels as a mobile app icon, social media profile picture, favicon, merchandise emblem, and print collateral element. This versatile logo ensures consistent and impactful brand representation across digital interfaces and tangible materials, showcasing Wizara's adaptability and enhancing brand recognition.

The Tagline

Wizara's tagline, "Create Mobile Forms Like Magic!", encapsulates the core ethos and innovative essence of our platform. This carefully crafted tagline serves as a concise representation of the transformative power that Wizara brings to the world of online form creation.

"Create Mobile Forms" reflects the primary functionality of Wizara – the seamless and intuitive generation of online forms that are optimized for mobile devices. In an era where mobile accessibility is paramount, this phrase underscores our commitment to delivering a user experience that transcends device boundaries, ensuring that forms created with Wizara are effortlessly accessible and user-friendly on smartphones and tablets.

"Like Magic" metaphorically portrays the ease, speed, and enchanting simplicity with which Wizara empowers users to design and deploy intricate forms. It speaks to the remarkable nature of our AI-driven technology, which takes the complexities out of form creation, transforming a potentially laborious process into an intuitive and delightful one. The term "magic" captures the sense of awe and wonderment that users experience when witnessing the speed and accuracy with which their form concepts materialize into functional and aesthetically pleasing online forms.

By combining these elements, Wizara's tagline underscores our commitment to revolutionizing the way forms are created and utilized. It reflects our dedication to making sophisticated form design accessible to everyone, regardless of technical expertise. Just as magic transcends the boundaries of reality, Wizara transcends the conventional limitations of form creation, making it an apt and compelling representation of our platform's capabilities.

Ultimately, the tagline "Create Mobile Forms Like Magic!" succinctly communicates the exceptional and transformative nature of Wizara, inviting users to embark on a journey of streamlined and enchanting form creation that defies expectations and empowers innovation.

Color Palette

The Colors Our Wizards Like


HEX #993366
RGB 153,51,102


HEX #5588dd
RGB 85,136,221


HEX #223355
RGB 34,51,85


HEX #7766cc
RGB 119,102,204


HEX #44aabb
RGB 68, 170, 187


HEX #ff6666
RGB 255,102,102

Gradient 1

linear-gradient(-45deg, rgba(153,51,102,1) 0%, rgba(85,136,221,1) 100%);

Gradient 2

linear-gradient(-45deg, rgba(119, 102, 204,1) 0%, rgba(68,170,187,1) 100%);


HEX #f5f5f5
RGB 245,245,245

Google Font


abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789

Regular 400
With a flick of his wand, the wizard transformed a clumsy ox into a majestic, flying phoenix.

Bold 700
Zephyr, the mischievous wizard's pet lynx, enjoyed cozy nights by the fireplace.