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The Future of Form Building: A Visual Journey

Explore the Art of Possibility with Wizara's Form Technology

Welcome to a showcase of innovation where simplicity meets sophistication in form building. Our video demonstrations offer a glimpse into the future of online form creation, where the power of AI transforms complex coding into a symphony of user-friendly interfaces and dynamic functionalities. From the vibrant customization of a truck inspection form to the swift generation of multiple contact forms, each video is a testament to the agility and versatility of our platform.

Witness the ease of crafting forms with interactive elements that not only engage but also delight, as seen in our guest satisfaction survey for a charming B&B. Delve into the practical magic of our rotating planet calculator, a brilliant display of our forms' computational prowess. These demos are not just a preview of what's possible; they are a bridge to a world where every form is an opportunity to connect, understand, and grow.

Join us on this transformative journey as we redefine the essence of online interactions, one form at a time. Discover the potential of Wizara, where every click brings us closer to a seamless digital experience that speaks volumes in the language of progress.

Warm regards,

The Wizara Team

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Brand Color Test

We wanted our AI to be able to understand and use colors effectively whether is was RGB/HEX values or the simplest color depictions.

Text to Form Prompt

Create a truck inspection form for Jay's using navy blue and red for the text and white for the background. Add ten items to check, including dates and who did the maintenance inspection. Add a title, intro and a logo at the top.

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5 Forms in Under 2 Minutes

We wanted our AI to be able to create multiple forms with just one text prompt.

Text to Form Prompt

Create 5 Contact Us forms for these Mullen business units: Bandstra, Caneda, Cascade Carriers, Grimshaw and Tenold Transportation. Include Logos at the top for each, with a title and a unique introduction to each company. Add a small Mullen Group logo at the end of each form with the text "[company name] is a subsidiary of Mullen Group Ltd."

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Simple Emoji Request

We wanted our AI to be able to use vague commands to create a form that you can use immediately!

Text to Form Prompt

Create a survey with interactive sliders to gauge guest satisfaction with our beautiful B&B in Nanaimo, BC. Write a captivating intro with a hook to get guests to fill out our form. Choose an emoji to add!

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Rotating Planet Calculator

We wanted our forms to be able to do calculations and solve simple problems.

Text to Form Prompt

Create a Calculator that calculates all other planets rotations based on the number of Earth's rotations a user enters. It is very important to output all answers in large HTML so web users can see them rather than submitting the form. Have each answer in a different color.