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"Imagine, my apprentice, a tool that makes creating online forms as easy as having a chat. Wizara is exactly that—a smart, AI-powered form builder that understands your needs and delivers high-quality forms. It's a helpful online form wizard!"

AI Form Builder

For Creating Online Forms

With our form builder, creating lead generation tools, online polls, and custom surveys is a breeze – no coding needed. Seamlessly add forms to any website!

Explore our website to discover beautifully designed contact and feedback forms from our library, or let our artificial intelligence weave brand-new forms for you! Unleash the magic of form creation with Wizara today!

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Still Using Paper or PDF Forms?

Use Digital Forms Instead

Using our app, your office can quickly convert fillable PDF or paper-based forms to centralized, mobile-friendly, data collecting machines eliminating the need for printing, filing and storing physical copies.

Mobile Friendly Online Form Sample

Modernize into interactive forms that integrate into your workflow.

Harness a truly responsive web form generator for enhanced UX.

Works in Mobile

Design fully functional forms with your mobile device.

Prototype Designs

Prototype new concepts and design form layouts faster.

Share your Layouts

Import and export designs and templates to share.

Drag & Drop

Create and edit online forms using a drag & drop interface.

Accessible Forms

Build accessible forms that are WCAG 2.1AA compliant.

Fully Customizable

Build inspection reports, checklists and timesheets.

Easily Add Forms to a Website.

Or add a form to your mobile app and more!

Effortlessly collect valuable data from your audience, customers, or users across all your digital touchpoints with our seamless form integration solution. Whether you have an established website, a cutting-edge mobile app, or even an immersive AR/VR experience*, our platform empowers you to easily add forms and streamline your data collection process.

Fancy Form Designs for AR and VR


With just a few simple steps, you can enhance user engagement, capture essential information, and optimize your workflows. Experience the convenience of integrating forms into your existing digital platforms to unlock the full potential of data-driven decision-making.

Helene Campbell

Helene Campbell

Corporate Compliance Manager, DWS Logistics

Wizara Form Builder has brought a touch of magic to our event planning at DWS Logistics. As the Corporate Compliance Manager, I am thrilled with the versatility this platform offers. From planning company events to capturing important information through contact forms on our website. Our staff loves it too – they are able to register for events quickly and efficiently. It's like having a logistics genie at our fingertips. If you're looking for an exceptional form builder, Wizara is the answer!

Aaron Adamson

Aaron Adamson

Founder & CEO, PPC Profit Pros.

It's like the Swiss army knife of online form creators. Whether we're building client forms, running surveys or advertising on third-party sites, this powerhouse tool has our back. And have you seen what it can do with animations? Our forms are a cut above the rest, and that's all thanks to Wizara!

You Can Create


Discover the endless possibilities with Wizara's diverse form-building capabilities. From contact forms and surveys to applications and registrations, our platform empowers you to create an array of interactive and engaging forms.

Form Integration Services

Professional Custom Solutions: Unlocking seamless integration for CRMs, ERPs or custom apps.

Form Harmony

Form Integration Services

We realize your time is crucial, and that's why we've brought you Wizara's Form Harmony service. Form Harmony ensures that your forms work seamlessly with your website, mobile app, or AR/VR platform. Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure a smooth integration process, saving you time and effort.

Experience the power of seamless form functionality with Wizara Integration Services.

Custom Code

Customized Form Solutions

We believe that every client has unique needs when it comes to form integration. With Wizara, customized solutions are no problem. Our integration experts will tailor the integration process to fit your specific requirements. Whether it's connecting to your preferred CRM, ERP, or third-party platform, we'll ensure that your web forms integrate flawlessly, providing a branded and efficient experience for you and your users.

Expert Support

Help Every Step of the Way

Integrating forms can sometimes be a complex task, but with Wizara's Expert Support, you'll have a dedicated team by your side. From initial setup to troubleshooting and ongoing support, our integration specialists will provide guidance and assistance to ensure your web forms work seamlessly. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, Wizara Integration Services to delivers reliable and efficient solutions for your form integration needs.

We ❤️ Our Clients

Our solution empowers clients to enhance their data capture and streamline workflows through seamless integration.

Wizara Form Pricing

Text to Form Generator and PDF Form Converter Software*



Billed Annually

50 Online Forms

Form Limit

Wizard's Workshop

AI text to form generator

100 spell tokens

Requests to the AI Wizard

Limited Time Special



Billed Annually

150 Online Forms

Form Limit

Wizard's Workshop

AI text to form generator

300 spell tokens

Requests to the AI Wizard



Billed Annually

500 Online Forms

Form Limit

Wizard's Tower*

AI form generator & converter

1000 spell tokens

Requests to the AI Wizard

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