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Online Recipe Submission Form Template

The Online Recipe Submission Template is designed for cooks and food enthusiasts to share their recipes with a wider audience. This form collects all the necessary details, from the recipe title and cuisine category to the preparation time and servings. Contributors can list ingredients, quantities, and provide clear cooking instructions.

An optional section for cooking tips allows for sharing extra advice or variations of the recipe, adding value for fellow cooking aficionados. The form also captures contributor information, ensuring that proper credit is given and allowing for follow-up contact.

This template is a great fit for food-related websites, cooking blogs, or community pages, making it easy for users to contribute and for businesses to gather and display a diverse range of recipes. It's a simple way to engage with the food community and enrich the culinary content on any platform.

Online Recipe Submission Features

Share Your Culinary Creations
Share Your Culinary Creations
Engage with a food community by submitting your unique recipes easily.
Showcase Your Cooking Skills
Showcase Your Cooking Skills
Feature your recipes on blogs or websites for wider visibility.
Connect with Fellow Food Enthusiasts
Connect with Fellow Food Enthusiasts
Build relationships with like-minded cooks through recipe sharing.
Gain Recognition for Your Culinary Talent
Gain Recognition for Your Culinary Talent
Receive credit for your recipes and cooking expertise.
Expand Your Online Presence
Expand Your Online Presence
Drive traffic to your website or blog by sharing your recipes online.
Elevate Your Culinary Content
Elevate Your Culinary Content
Enrich food platforms with diverse recipes and cooking tips.
Online Recipe Submission Form Template
Customizable Form Fields
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form_title (html-block)
recipe_info (html-block)
recipe_title (text, input)
Recipe Title
category_cuisine (text, input)
Category or Cuisine
prep_time (text, input)
Estimated Preparation Time
servings (integer)
Number of Servings
ingredients (html-block)
ingredients_list (text, textarea)
Ingredients and Quantities
instructions (html-block)
cooking_instructions (text, textarea)
Cooking Instructions
tips (html-block)
cooking_tips (text, textarea)
Cooking Tips
contributor_info (html-block)
full_name (text, input)
Full Name or Pen Name
contact_email (email)
Contact Email
website_blog (url)
Website or Blog
consent (html-block)
terms_conditions* (boolean, checkbox)
I agree to the terms and conditions

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