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Online Custom Cake Order Form Template

Our Online Cake Customization Form is the perfect solution for bakeries and pastry chefs looking to offer a personalized cake-ordering experience. This form guides the customer through the process of creating their dream cake, from selecting their preferred flavors to specifying the size that suits their event.

The form allows customers to enter a personalized message to be included on the cake, adding a unique touch to their order. It also provides the functionality to specify the quantity of cakes, accommodating orders for both small gatherings and large celebrations.

With fields for customer contact information, this form ensures that you can follow up with the customer for any additional details or confirmations

needed to perfect their order. This seamless communication setup is integral for custom orders where details matter.

For bakeries, this form represents an opportunity to streamline the custom order process, ensuring all relevant details are captured in one go, reducing back-and-forth communication, and saving valuable time. The ability to upload customer details directly into your ordering system makes this form not just a convenience but a powerful tool for order management.

Incorporating our Online Cake Customization Form into your website will enhance the customer experience, making cake ordering a piece of cake. It's a delightful way for customers to engage with your brand, visualize their ideal cake, and leave the execution to your skilled hands. With a user-friendly interface and customizable options, it's designed to increase customer satisfaction and order accuracy, making every celebration a little sweeter.

Online Custom Cake Order Features

Personalized Cake Design
Personalized Cake Design
Create custom cakes with unique flavors, sizes, and messages for every occasion.
Streamlined Order Management
Streamlined Order Management
Effortlessly capture customer details, reduce back-and-forth, and save valuable time.
Seamless Communication Setup
Seamless Communication Setup
Stay connected with customers for order confirmations and perfecting details.
User-Friendly Interface
User-Friendly Interface
Enhance customer experience with easy cake customization and ordering process.
Increase Customer Satisfaction
Increase Customer Satisfaction
Delight customers with visualizing their ideal cake and leaving the execution to you.
Powerful Order Management Tool
Powerful Order Management Tool
Efficiently upload customer details into your system for streamlined operations.
Online Custom Cake Order Form Template
Customizable Form Fields
You can add, remove or re-arrange form fields when using our form builder app.
title (html-block)
intro (html-block)
customerName* (text, input)
Customer Name
customerEmail* (email)
Customer Email
customerPhone* (phone-number)
Customer Phone
cakeFlavor* (select, dropdown)
Cake Flavor
cakeSize* (select, dropdown)
Cake Size
cakeMessage (text, input)
Message on the Cake
cakeQuantity* (integer)
totalCost (computed-value)
Total Cost

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