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Employee Exit Interview Form Template

Our Employee Exit Interview Form is a critical instrument for human resources professionals aiming to understand the factors contributing to staff turnover. This form provides an organized way for departing employees to convey their reasons for leaving, ensuring that businesses can collect meaningful data to inform their retention strategies.

The form prompts for an array of feedback, including the employee's sentiment on whether their contributions were recognized, the quality of communication from supervisors, and opportunities for professional development. It also provides space for open-ended responses, allowing for more nuanced feedback that could uncover deeper workplace issues.

This form is essential for any business looking to retain talent and foster a positive working environment. It's crafted to be easily integrated into your HR workflow, ensuring a smooth transition for both the company and the employee during the exit process. By using this form, you can take proactive steps to address any underlying issues and improve job satisfaction for current and future employees.

Employee Exit Interview Features

Streamline Employee Exit Processes
Streamline Employee Exit Processes
Efficiently gather feedback and reasons for departure to enhance retention strategies.
Insightful Feedback Collection
Insightful Feedback Collection
Capture detailed responses on recognition, communication, and growth opportunities for actionable insights.
Seamless Integration with HR Workflows
Seamless Integration with HR Workflows
Simplify exit interviews and enhance productivity with mobile-friendly forms.
Proactive Talent Retention Tool
Proactive Talent Retention Tool
Identify and address underlying issues to improve job satisfaction and retain top talent.
Enhance Employee Experience
Enhance Employee Experience
Foster a positive work environment by addressing feedback and improving communication.
Drive Retention Strategies
Drive Retention Strategies
Collect nuanced data to inform retention efforts and create a positive workplace culture.
Employee Exit Interview Form Template
Customizable Form Fields
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htmlTitle (html-block)
HTML Title
name* (text, input)
Employee Name
supervisorName* (text, input)
Supervisor Name
dateEngaged* (date)
Date Engaged
dateLeaving* (date)
Date Leaving
currentPosition* (text, input)
Current Position
hrLine (html-block)
HR Line
question1* (text, textarea)
What were the primary reasons for your decision to leave the company?
question2* (text, textarea)
Did you feel that your contributions were recognized and appreciated during your time at the company?
question3* (text, textarea)
How would you rate the level of communication and feedback received from your immediate supervisor/manager?
question4* (text, textarea)
Did you feel that you had sufficient opportunities for professional growth and development during your tenure at the company?
question5* (text, textarea)
Is there anything the company could have done differently to have influenced your decision to stay?

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