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"Exit Interview Feedback Form"

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Employee Exit Interview Feedback Form Template

Gather actionable insights with our Exit Interview Feedback Form, essential for HR strategies aiming to improve workplace culture and employee retention.

Form Contents:

  • Employee Information: Name, Department, Position, Hire Date, Separation Date
  • Resignation Reasons: Checkboxes for common factors influencing departure decisions
  • Overall Experience Rating: A scale for the employee to evaluate their tenure
  • Contribution Recognition: Yes/No input on whether their work was valued
  • Specific Departure Reasons: Open text field for detailed personal feedback
  • Support & Development Feedback: Employee's view on the training and support received
  • Work Environment Rating: A scale for the employee to rate the organizational culture
  • Improvement Suggestions: Open text field for constructive suggestions
  • Career Goals Support: Yes/No input on the support for career aspirations

Utilize this form to refine your organizational practices and build a more loyal, satisfied workforce.

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Employee Exit Interview Feedback Features

Streamline Exit Interviews
Streamline Exit Interviews
Efficiently gather feedback from departing employees to enhance HR strategies.
Enhance Employee Retention
Enhance Employee Retention
Identify key factors influencing resignations to improve workplace culture.
Drive Organizational Growth
Drive Organizational Growth
Collect actionable insights to refine practices and build a loyal workforce.
Boost Employee Satisfaction
Boost Employee Satisfaction
Empower employees to share feedback for a more positive work environment.
Simplify HR Workflows
Simplify HR Workflows
Integrate seamless exit interview processes for streamlined HR operations.
Optimize Talent Management
Optimize Talent Management
Leverage feedback to support career aspirations and enhance employee development.
Employee Exit Interview Feedback Form Template
Customizable Form Fields
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htmlTitle (html-block)
HTML Title
name* (text, input)
Employee Name
hireDate* (date)
Hire Date
department* (text, input)
separationDate* (date)
Separation Date
position* (text, input)
htmlLine (html-block)
factors* (select-multiple, checkbox)
What factors played a significant role in your decision to resign from the company?
other (text, textarea)
If you selected 'Other' in the previous question, please provide additional details here.
question1* (text, textarea)
How would you rate your overall experience working for the organization?
question2* (text, textarea)
Did you feel that your contributions were valued and recognized during your time at the organization?
question3* (text, textarea)
Were there any specific issues or concerns that contributed to your decision to leave?
question4* (text, textarea)
Did you receive adequate support, training, and development opportunities to perform your job effectively?
question5* (text, textarea)
How would you rate the organizational culture and work environment?
question6* (text, textarea)
What suggestions do you have for improving the organization or your department?
question7* (text, textarea)
Did you feel that your career goals and aspirations were supported during your time at the organization?

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