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Bug Report Submission Form Template

The Wizara Bug Report Submission Form is a vital instrument for software development teams and IT support services. It is expertly designed to capture detailed reports of software malfunctions from users, facilitating quick and informed responses to technical issues.

This web form allows users to specify the frequency and severity of the bug they've encountered, ensuring that developers can prioritize fixes based on user impact. A section for a descriptive account of the bug provides the necessary details for replicating and diagnosing the problem, while the additional feedback area offers insights into the user's experience, which can be instrumental in improving the software.

The form includes optional fields for the user's contact information, allowing for follow-up if more information is needed or to update on the bug's resolution status.

Customize this form to fit your software's branding, and integrate it seamlessly into your service portal or website. It's responsive to all devices, ensuring users can report issues whenever they occur, regardless of the platform they're using.

Add our Bug Report Submission Form Template to your toolkit to streamline your debugging process, improve user engagement, and maintain the highest software quality standards.

Bug Report Submission Features

Streamline Bug Reporting
Streamline Bug Reporting
Effortlessly collect detailed bug reports from users to streamline your debugging process.
Prioritize Fixes Efficiently
Prioritize Fixes Efficiently
Gauge bug frequency and severity to prioritize fixes effectively and enhance user experience.
Improve Software Quality
Improve Software Quality
Gain valuable insights from user feedback to enhance software quality and user satisfaction.
Enhance User Engagement
Enhance User Engagement
Empower users to report bugs seamlessly, fostering engagement and trust in your software.
Responsive & Customizable
Responsive & Customizable
Adapt the form to your branding and ensure users can report bugs on any device.
Bug Report Submission Form Template
Customizable Form Fields
You can add, remove or re-arrange form fields when using our form builder app.
title (html-block)
bug_occurrence* (select, radio)
How often does the bug occur?
bug_severity* (select, radio)
How severe is the bug?
bug_description* (text, textarea)
Describe the bug
feedback (text, textarea)
Any additional feedback?
line (html-block)
first_name (text, input)
First Name
last_name (text, input)
Last Name
email (email)

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