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Bug Report Submission Form Template

The Bug Report Submission Form Template is a crucial tool for software development teams, enabling users to provide detailed reports on software malfunctions. Users can specify bug frequency and severity, describe the issue, and offer additional feedback for improved diagnostics. Seamlessly integrated into service portals or websites, this form ensures quick responses to technical issues, enhancing user experience and software quality standards.

Pairing the Bug Report Submission Form with the Prairie Capital Theme elevates your form's aesthetics and functionality. With its inviting design, rounded corners, and a bold submit button, Prairie Capital offers a user-centric experience that promotes engagement and clarity. Customize your Bug Report Submission form with Prairie Capital for a visually appealing and efficient bug reporting process. Start building your form with Bug Report Submission and Prairie Capital today!

Bug Report Submission Features

Streamline Bug Reporting
Streamline Bug Reporting
Efficiently capture bug details for swift resolution and enhanced user experience.
Prioritize Fixes Effectively
Prioritize Fixes Effectively
Gauge bug impact with frequency and severity selection, optimizing development efforts.
Enhance User Engagement
Enhance User Engagement
Collect feedback to improve software quality, fostering user trust and loyalty.
Customizable Branding
Customizable Branding
Tailor the form to match your software's identity, enhancing brand consistency.
Mobile-Friendly Design
Mobile-Friendly Design
Responsive layout ensures bug reporting on-the-go, catering to diverse user needs.
Simplify Debugging Process
Simplify Debugging Process
Seamlessly integrate bug reports, streamline issue resolution, and boost software quality.
Bug Report Submission Form Template
Customizable Form Fields
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title (html-block)
bug_occurrence* (select, radio)
How often does the bug occur?
bug_severity* (select, radio)
How severe is the bug?
bug_description* (text, textarea)
Describe the bug
feedback (text, textarea)
Any additional feedback?
line (html-block)
first_name (text, input)
First Name
last_name (text, input)
Last Name
email (email)

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