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Video Contest Entry Form Template

The Video Contest Entry Form is your portal to participation in our cinematic competition. Designed to collect vital information about your film, this form is the first step in broadcasting your creativity to an eager audience.

Through the Video Contest Entry Form, provide us with the 'Video Title', a compelling identifier that captures the essence of your piece. A descriptive title can intrigue judges and viewers alike, setting the tone for your visual narrative.

Next, the 'Video Description' section invites you to succinctly convey the plot, theme, or concept of your video, giving us a preview of the content and your creative direction.

The 'Video Runtime' field is crucial; it helps us ensure that your entry adheres to contest time limits and assists in programming the contest screenings. Precise details of your video's length in the format of hours, minutes, and seconds (HH:MM:SS) are required here.

Lastly, the 'Camera Used' input is where you can boast about the technical specifications of your equipment, which could range from high-end cinema cameras to innovative use of consumer-grade devices. This information provides us with context on the production values and technical considerations of your submission.

The Video Contest Entry Form not only facilitates a smooth submission process but also serves to spotlight the technical and narrative prowess behind your film, offering a platform for both recognition and critique. Share your story and technical flair with us; submit your video today and let your creativity shine on the big screen.

Video Contest Entry Features

Elevate Your Video Submission
Elevate Your Video Submission
Craft compelling narratives with ease and showcase your creativity effortlessly.
Streamline Contest Entry
Streamline Contest Entry
Effortlessly submit your film details and technical specs for a seamless entry process.
Stand Out with Detailed Descriptions
Stand Out with Detailed Descriptions
Capture judges' attention with detailed video titles and plot summaries.
Ensure Compliance with Runtime Limits
Ensure Compliance with Runtime Limits
Easily input your video's exact runtime to meet contest specifications.
Highlight Your Camera Skills
Highlight Your Camera Skills
Showcase your technical prowess by detailing the camera equipment used in your video.
Gain Recognition for Your Work
Gain Recognition for Your Work
Get noticed for your storytelling and technical abilities on a prestigious platform.
Video Contest Entry Form Template
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videoTitle* (text, input)
Video Title
videoDescription* (text, textarea)
Video Description
videoRuntime* (time)
Video Runtime
cameraUsed* (text, input)
Camera Used

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