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Truck Driver Evaluation Form Template

Our Truck Driver Evaluation Form Template is a key tool for transport companies looking to assess the performance and safety compliance of their drivers. It’s meticulously designed to cover all essential aspects of a driver's routine, from pre-trip inspections to overall driving skills assessment.

Features and Benefits:

  • Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist: Detailed sections to evaluate the condition of the vehicle and its readiness for the road.
  • Performance Evaluation: Rate drivers on a scale from poor to excellent on key competencies, such as reporting for dispatch and checking general vehicle conditions.
  • Safety Compliance: Sections designed to assess the driver's ability to maintain vehicle safety standards.
  • Customizable and Interactive: Modify the form to include specific checks relevant to your fleet and operations.
  • Summary and Feedback: Space for evaluators to provide overall remarks and for drivers to voice concerns, facilitating open communication and continuous improvement.

Equip your transportation business with this Driver Evaluation Form to maintain high standards of driver performance and vehicle safety.

Truck Driver Evaluation Features

Comprehensive Driver Assessment
Comprehensive Driver Assessment
Thorough evaluation of driver performance and vehicle safety compliance for transport companies.
Customizable Inspection Checklist
Customizable Inspection Checklist
Tailor the form to include specific checks relevant to your fleet and operations, ensuring precise assessments.
Performance Evaluation Metrics
Performance Evaluation Metrics
Rate drivers on key competencies with a scale from poor to excellent, facilitating clear feedback and improvement.
Safety Compliance Monitoring
Safety Compliance Monitoring
Assess driver's ability to maintain vehicle safety standards, enhancing overall fleet safety and compliance.
Open Communication Platform
Open Communication Platform
Space for evaluators to provide remarks and drivers to voice concerns, fostering transparent communication and continuous improvement.
Streamlined Driver Evaluation
Streamlined Driver Evaluation
Efficiently assess driver performance and vehicle safety with a meticulously designed form, optimizing evaluation processes.
Truck Driver Evaluation Form Template
Customizable Form Fields
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htmlHeading (html-block)
HTML Heading
hrLine (html-block)
HR Line
driverName (text, input)
Driver's Name
date (date)
equipmentDrivenTruckTractor (text, input)
Equipment Driven Truck Tractor
trailer (text, input)
length (integer)
Length of Test
from (text, input)
to (text, input)
startTime (text, input)
Start Time
finishTime (text, input)
Finish Time
weatherConditions (text, input)
Weather Conditions
hrLine2 (html-block)
HR Line
htmlText1 (html-block)
rating (range, buttons)
Reports to dispatch for instructions and pre-plans his trip
rating2 (range, buttons)
Checks general condition approaching unit
rating3 (range, buttons)
Checks fuel, oil, water and for excessive oil on engine
rating4 (range, buttons)
Tests steering, brake action, tractor protection valve, and parking brake
rating5 (range, buttons)
Checks instruments for normal readings
hrLine3 (html-block)
HR Line
htmlText2 (html-block)
feedback (text, textarea)
feedback2 (text, textarea)
Concerns of the Student
evaluatorsName (text, input)
Evaluator's Name
date2 (date)
evaluatorsOpinion (select, radio)
In my opinion, this driver (check one)
hrLine4 (html-block)
HR Line

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