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Professional Online CV Submission Form Template

If you're looking to expedite the recruitment process and gather details from candidates, Wizara’s Online CV Application Form is the solution you need. Designed to obtain a full spectrum of applicant info, this form covers personal details, career objectives, educational background, work experience, skills, and more.

Applicants can easily outline their certifications, awards, publications, and professional memberships, offering a complete picture of their qualifications. The form also provides sections for language proficiency and references, ensuring that you have all the data necessary for an informed selection process.

The inclusion of a file upload option allows for the easy submission of CVs and supporting documents, streamlining the application process for both the applicant and the hiring team. Additionally, the form’s declaration and signature section ensures the authenticity of the information provided.

Add this form to your website and enhance the candidate experience with a straightforward, user-friendly submission process.

Professional Online CV Submission Features

Streamline Recruitment Process
Streamline Recruitment Process
Efficiently gather comprehensive applicant information with ease, simplifying the recruitment process for both candidates and hiring teams.
Comprehensive Candidate Data
Comprehensive Candidate Data
Collect detailed data on certifications, awards, language proficiency, and more, enabling informed decision-making during candidate selection.
Simplified CV Submission
Simplified CV Submission
Allow applicants to effortlessly upload CVs and supporting documents, reducing barriers to application submission and expediting the hiring process.
Ensure Data Authenticity
Ensure Data Authenticity
Verify the accuracy of applicant information with a declaration and signature section, ensuring the authenticity of the data provided.
User-Friendly Experience
User-Friendly Experience
Enhance the candidate experience with a straightforward and intuitive form submission process, creating a positive impression for potential hires.
Enhance Hiring Efficiency
Enhance Hiring Efficiency
Optimize the recruitment process by accessing a full spectrum of applicant information, enabling quicker and more informed hiring decisions.
Professional Online CV Submission Form Template
Customizable Form Fields
You can add, remove or re-arrange form fields when using our form builder app.
title (html-block)
personal_info_heading (html-block)
full_name* (text, input)
Full Name
email* (email)
phone_number* (phone-number)
Phone Number
address* (text, textarea)
objective_heading (html-block)
career_objective* (text, textarea)
Career Objective
education_heading (html-block)
education_history* (text, textarea)
Education History
work_experience_heading (html-block)
work_experience* (text, textarea)
Work Experience
skills_heading (html-block)
skills* (text, textarea)
certifications_heading (html-block)
certifications* (text, textarea)
Certifications and Training
awards_heading (html-block)
awards* (text, textarea)
Awards and Honors
publications_heading (html-block)
publications (text, textarea)
Publications or Research
languages_heading (html-block)
languages* (text, textarea)
Languages Spoken
memberships_heading (html-block)
memberships* (text, textarea)
Professional Memberships
references_heading (html-block)
references (text, textarea)
additional_info_heading (html-block)
additional_info (text, textarea)
Additional Information
declaration_heading (html-block)
declaration* (boolean, checkbox)
I declare that the information provided is accurate
signature* (text, input)
date_heading (html-block)
application_date* (date)
file_upload_heading (html-block)
cv_upload (file-upload, file)
Upload CV

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