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Product Satisfaction Survey Form Template

Our Product Satisfaction Survey Form is a key tool for measuring customer loyalty and collecting actionable feedback. It's designed to be quickly filled out, making it easy for customers to share their thoughts and for you to improve your offerings.

This form helps you:

  • Collect specific suggestions for product enhancements directly from users.
  • Measure overall satisfaction with a simple rating scale.
  • Assess the probability of feedback sharing among peers, which can inform your customer advocacy strategies.

With this survey, you have the chance to turn feedback into meaningful improvements and increase customer satisfaction. It's a great way to connect with your users and demonstrate that you value their input.

Product Satisfaction Survey Features

Boost Customer Loyalty
Boost Customer Loyalty
Measure satisfaction, gather feedback, and enhance products to keep customers happy and loyal.
Drive Product Improvements
Drive Product Improvements
Collect valuable suggestions for enhancements directly from users to elevate your offerings.
Streamline Feedback Collection
Streamline Feedback Collection
Effortlessly gather opinions, ratings, and sharing probabilities to inform your strategies.
Enhance User Experience
Enhance User Experience
Create a seamless feedback process for users to share thoughts and improve overall satisfaction.
Increase Customer Advocacy
Increase Customer Advocacy
Turn feedback into actionable insights, demonstrate value, and boost customer satisfaction.
Elevate Net Promoter Score
Elevate Net Promoter Score
Measure customer likelihood to recommend, gather suggestions, and drive advocacy strategies.
Product Satisfaction Survey Form Template
Customizable Form Fields
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Product Satisfaction Survey
buttons1* (select, radio)
How likely are you to recommend the product to a friend or colleague?
feedback (text, textarea)
What improvements would you suggest to make the product better?
rating* (range, buttons)
What is your overall satisfaction with the product?
buttons2* (select, radio)
How likely do you think it is that others in your situation would share this feedback?
line (html-block)
nameFirst* (text, input)
First Name
nameLast (text, input)
Last Name
email* (email)

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