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Online Class Registration Form Template

Our Online Class Registration Form is tailored for educational institutions, trainers, and webinar hosts looking to streamline their enrollment process. This form is designed to be comprehensive yet easy to navigate, ensuring a hassle-free registration experience for both the organizers and the participants.

Key Features of Our Online Class Registration Form:

  • Integrated Payment Section: Collect payment details securely within the same form.
  • Customizable Class Selection: Offer multiple classes, workshops, or webinars for registration.
  • Auto-Responsive Design: Ensure a smooth registration process on any device.
  • Essential Participant Details: Gather all necessary information with fields for names, emails, and addresses.

By implementing this form on your website, you can manage your class enrollments more effectively, saving time for both you and your participants. Get ready to welcome your students with our user-friendly Online Class Registration Form!

Online Class Registration Features

Streamlined Enrollment Process
Streamlined Enrollment Process
Effortlessly register participants with our intuitive form design, saving time and hassle for both organizers and attendees.
Secure Payment Integration
Secure Payment Integration
Collect payments securely within the same form, providing convenience and peace of mind for both parties involved.
Customizable Class Selection
Customizable Class Selection
Offer a variety of classes, workshops, or webinars for registration, catering to diverse participant preferences and needs.
User-Friendly Responsive Design
User-Friendly Responsive Design
Ensure a seamless registration process on any device, enhancing accessibility and user experience for all participants.
Comprehensive Participant Details
Comprehensive Participant Details
Gather essential information with ease, including names, emails, and addresses, for efficient class management and communication.
Time-Saving Enrollment Management
Time-Saving Enrollment Management
Efficiently manage class enrollments, saving time for organizers and participants alike, with our user-friendly form solution.
Online Class Registration Form Template
Customizable Form Fields
You can add, remove or re-arrange form fields when using our form builder app.
title (html-block)
participantName* (text, input)
Participant Name
participantEmail* (email)
Participant Email
classSelection* (select, dropdown)
Class Selection
paymentInfo* (billing-info)
Payment Information

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