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Hotel Guest Feedback Form Template

Elevate your hotel's guest experience with our Hotel Guest Feedback Form. This form is a great tool for measuring satisfaction and identifying areas for service improvement in your hospitality business.


  • Comprehensive Assessment: Collect feedback on everything from staff friendliness to room cleanliness.
  • Customizable Metrics: Adjust the rating scales and questions to fit your unique service offerings.
  • Actionable Insights: Use guest responses to make data-driven decisions that enhance your service quality.
  • Guest Engagement: Show your guests that their opinions are valued and taken seriously for continuous improvement.

Benefits for Hoteliers:

  • Improved Guest Retention: Understand and address the factors that matter most to your guests.
  • Service Excellence: Pinpoint service gaps and celebrate areas where your hotel excels.
  • Competitive Edge: Utilize feedback to stay ahead of the competition by consistently improving guest experiences.

Implement our Hotel Guest Feedback Form to start building a stronger foundation for guest satisfaction and service excellence today.

Hotel Guest Feedback Features

Elevate Guest Experience
Elevate Guest Experience
Collect feedback on staff, cleanliness, affordability, and more to enhance guest satisfaction and service quality.
Customizable Metrics
Customizable Metrics
Adjust rating scales and questions to fit your unique service offerings for actionable insights and continuous improvement.
Improved Guest Retention
Improved Guest Retention
Understand factors that matter most to guests, address service gaps, and celebrate areas of excellence for loyalty.
Competitive Edge
Competitive Edge
Stay ahead of the competition by consistently improving guest experiences based on data-driven decisions and feedback.
Guest Engagement Tool
Guest Engagement Tool
Show guests their opinions are valued, driving engagement, loyalty, and a stronger foundation for satisfaction.
Service Excellence
Service Excellence
Pinpoint service gaps, celebrate strengths, and enhance quality to deliver exceptional guest experiences consistently.
Hotel Guest Feedback Form Template
Customizable Form Fields
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Hotel Feedback
rating1 (range, buttons)
How friendly was the front desk staff?
rating2 (range, buttons)
How quickly did the staff respond?
rating3 (range, buttons)
How clean was your room upon arrival?
rating4 (range, buttons)
How clean did the housekeeping staff keep your room during your stay?
rating5 (range, buttons)
How affordable was your stay at our hotel?
buttons1 (select, buttons)
Did you eat at the hotel?
rating6 (range, buttons)
How quickly did the hotel restaurant serve your order?
rating7 (range, buttons)
How would delicious was the hotel breakfast service?
rating8 (range, buttons)
How affordable was the hotel breakfast service?
buttons2 (select, buttons)
Overall were you satisfied, dissatisfied or neither?
negativeFeedback (text, textarea)
What can we do to improve our service?
positiveFeedback (text, textarea)
We're happy to hear that! Would you like to share your thoughts?

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