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"Home Buyer Questionnaire Template"

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Home Buyer Preferences Questionnaire Form Template

Looking for a simple way to understand what your home buyers want? Our Home Buyer Questionnaire Template makes it easy. It helps gather all the info you need, like what kind of house they’re after and where they want to live.

Why you'll love this template:

  • It’s super easy: clients can just pop in their details.
  • It asks all the right questions, from budget to bedroom count.
  • You can add anything extra you need to know.
  • Clients can fill it out anywhere, on any device.

With this form, you can:

  • Find out who’s buying and their must-haves for a new home.
  • Learn about their style preferences and deal-breakers.
  • Understand their financials for a smooth house-hunting process.

This template is a real timesaver for realtors who want to match homes to buyers perfectly.

Home Buyer Preferences Questionnaire Features

Streamline Home Buyer Data Collection
Streamline Home Buyer Data Collection
Effortlessly gather essential information from potential home buyers with a comprehensive questionnaire.
Tailor-Made Home Search Criteria
Tailor-Made Home Search Criteria
Customize the form to capture specific buyer preferences, ensuring a personalized home-buying experience.
Simplify Buyer-Agent Communication
Simplify Buyer-Agent Communication
Facilitate clear communication between buyers and agents by capturing detailed property requirements upfront.
Enhance Buyer Understanding
Enhance Buyer Understanding
Gain insights into buyer demographics, preferences, and financials to streamline the home-buying process.
Boost Agent Efficiency
Boost Agent Efficiency
Save time and effort by using a structured form to match buyers with their dream homes accurately and efficiently.
Mobile-Friendly Convenience
Mobile-Friendly Convenience
Enable buyers to fill out the form on any device, anywhere, making it easy and convenient for them to share their preferences.
Home Buyer Preferences Questionnaire Form Template
Customizable Form Fields
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htmlTitle (html-block)
Real Estate Buyer Questionnaire
horizontalLine1 (html-block)
Horizontal line 1
personalInformation (html-block)
Personal Information:
nameFirst* (text, input)
First Name
nameLast* (text, input)
Last Name
address* (street-address, horizontal)
email* (email)
phoneNumber* (phone-number)
Phone Number
employer* (text, input)
annualIncome* (text, input)
Annual Income
dob* (date)
Date of Birth
willYouBePurchasing* (text, input)
Will you be purchasing the property alone or will you have a partner?
name (text, input)
Co-Buyer's Name
coBuyersEmployer (text, input)
Co-Buyer's Employer
coBuyersPhone (phone-number)
Co-Buyer's Phone
horizontalLine2 (html-block)
Horizontal line 2
questionsAndDetails (html-block)
Questions and Details
question1* (text, textarea)
What type of property are you looking to purchase? (e.g., single-family home, townhouse, condo, etc.)
question2* (text, textarea)
What is your preferred location or neighborhood?
question3* (text, textarea)
What is your budget for the property?
question4* (text, textarea)
What is your preferred size of the property (in square feet or number of bedrooms/bathrooms)?
question5* (text, textarea)
What are your must-have features in a property (e.g., garage, outdoor space, pool, etc.)?
question6* (text, textarea)
What is your desired move-in date?
question7* (text, textarea)
Have you been pre-approved for a mortgage? If so, what is your maximum loan amount?
question8* (text, textarea)
Do you have any specific preferences or requirements for the property's style, age, or condition?
quesrtion9* (text, textarea)
Have you worked with a real estate agent or broker before? If so, who?
question10 (text, textarea)
Is there anything else you would like to share about your home-buying needs or preferences?

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