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Vendor Registration Form Template

Our Event Vendor Registration Form is a streamlined solution for event organizers to gather all the essential information from potential vendors. This form is perfect for anyone hosting a market, festival, trade show, or any event where vendors are a key part of the experience.

The form is designed to collect comprehensive vendor information, including company name, contact details, and business type. It provides sections for business and billing addresses, ensuring all logistics are covered. With fields for Tax ID, years in business, and a brief company description, it helps organizers understand the background and legitimacy of each vendor.

Additionally, the form asks for detailed descriptions of products or services, pricing, and packages, enabling vendors to showcase what they offer. There's also the option to upload photos, catalogs, or videos, which can be extremely useful in promotional activities.

Licenses and permits can be uploaded directly onto the form, streamlining the compliance process. Insurance details are also requested, ensuring all participants are adequately covered. The form even allows vendors to list their previous event experience and provide references or testimonials, which can bolster their reputation and credibility.

The availability section is particularly useful for scheduling, as vendors can indicate their available dates and how many events they can manage in a day or a weekend. This allows for efficient planning and allocation of spaces.

For payment and billing, vendors select their preferred method and provide billing address details, which helps in smooth transaction management.

Lastly, the digital signature field is a commitment to the event's terms and conditions, solidifying the vendor's intent to participate.

By incorporating this form into your event planning process, you're enabling a hassle-free registration journey for vendors, which can increase participation rates and enhance the variety and quality of offerings at your event. This form is not just a registration tool; it's a gateway to building a diverse and vibrant event marketplace.

Vendor Registration Features

Streamline Vendor Registration
Streamline Vendor Registration
Efficiently gather all vendor details in one form, saving time and simplifying the registration process.
Showcase Products & Services
Showcase Products & Services
Allow vendors to display their offerings with photos, videos, and detailed descriptions for maximum exposure.
Ensure Compliance & Safety
Ensure Compliance & Safety
Collect licenses, permits, and insurance details to ensure vendors meet event requirements and safety standards.
Easy Scheduling & Planning
Easy Scheduling & Planning
Enable vendors to specify availability and event limits, facilitating smooth scheduling and space allocation.
Secure Payments & Transactions
Secure Payments & Transactions
Let vendors choose their preferred payment method and provide billing details for seamless financial transactions.
Build Credibility & Trust
Build Credibility & Trust
Allow vendors to showcase previous event experience, references, and testimonials to enhance their reputation.
Vendor Registration Form Template
Customizable Form Fields
You can add, remove or re-arrange form fields when using our form builder app.
title (html-block)
vendor_info (html-block)
company_name* (text, input)
Company Name
contact_name* (text, input)
Contact Person's Name
contact_email* (email)
contact_phone* (phone-number)
website (url)
social_media (text, input)
Social Media Profiles
business_details (html-block)
business_type* (text, input)
Business Type
business_address* (street-address)
Business Address
tax_id* (text, input)
Tax ID or EIN
years_in_business* (integer)
Years in Business
company_description* (text, textarea)
Brief Company Description
products_services (html-block)
products_services_description* (text, textarea)
Description of Products or Services
pricing_packages (text, textarea)
Pricing and Packages
product_photos (file-upload, file)
Photos or Catalogs of Products/Services
licenses_permits (html-block)
business_license* (file-upload, file)
Business License
health_department_permits (file-upload, file)
Health Department Permits
alcohol_license (file-upload, file)
Alcohol License
insurance_coverage* (text, textarea)
Insurance Coverage Details
event_experience (html-block)
previous_events* (text, textarea)
Previous Events
references_testimonials (text, textarea)
References or Testimonials
portfolio (html-block)
portfolio_photos (file-upload, file)
Portfolio Photos or Videos
terms_conditions (html-block)
agree_terms* (boolean, checkbox)
I agree to the terms and conditions
availability (html-block)
available_dates* (date)
Available Dates
max_events* (integer)
Maximum Number of Events in a Day/Weekend
payment_billing (html-block)
payment_method* (select, dropdown)
Preferred Payment Method
billing_address (street-address)
Billing Address
digital_signature (html-block)
signature* (text, input)

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