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Employee Work Availability Form Template

Our Employee Work Availability Form is designed for businesses and HR departments to efficiently organize and manage staff work schedules. This intuitive form allows employees to submit their available days and times, preferred shifts, and maximum work hours per week, ensuring that scheduling aligns with both employee preferences and business needs.

The form is broken down into clear sections for personal details, preferred work hours for each day, maximum hours per week, and shift preferences. It also includes a manager approval section to comply with organizational scheduling policies. The design of the form encourages transparency and open communication between staff and management, which is key to creating a balanced and fair work schedule for all parties involved.

By incorporating this form into your HR processes, you can streamline the task of scheduling and reduce the time spent on managing employee availability. It's a perfect tool for businesses of all sizes looking to improve their operational efficiency and employee satisfaction. Customize it to suit your company’s specific scheduling requirements and integrate it seamlessly into your website or internal systems.

Employee Work Availability Features

Streamline Work Scheduling
Streamline Work Scheduling
Efficiently organize staff schedules with clear availability submissions.
Enhance Employee Satisfaction
Enhance Employee Satisfaction
Empower staff to choose preferred shifts and balance work-life needs.
Simplify Manager Approval
Simplify Manager Approval
Facilitate seamless communication and compliance with scheduling policies.
Boost Operational Efficiency
Boost Operational Efficiency
Reduce time spent on scheduling tasks, improving overall productivity.
Customize for Your Business
Customize for Your Business
Tailor the form to meet specific scheduling requirements seamlessly.
Improve HR Workflow
Improve HR Workflow
Integrate seamlessly for onboarding, leave management, and performance assessments.
Employee Work Availability Form Template
Customizable Form Fields
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title (html-block)
employee_info_heading (html-block)
employee_name* (text, input)
Employee Name
employee_id* (text, input)
Employee ID
department* (text, input)
work_hours_heading (html-block)
monday_hours (text, input)
tuesday_hours (text, input)
wednesday_hours (text, input)
thursday_hours (text, input)
friday_hours (text, input)
max_hours_heading (html-block)
max_hours (number)
Maximum Hours
shift_pref_heading (html-block)
shift_pref (text, input)
Shift Preferences
manager_approval_heading (html-block)
manager_approval (boolean, buttons)
Manager Approval

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