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Digital Online Job Application Form Template

The Wizara Online Job Application Form is designed to facilitate a smooth recruitment process for businesses of any size. It's comprehensive, allowing for detailed information collection, yet user-friendly to encourage applicants to complete their submission.

Key Features of Our Job Application Form:

  • Personal and Contact Information Fields: Securely gather all necessary personal details including LinkedIn profiles and personal websites.
  • Position and Department Specification: Enables applicants to specify the job title and department they're applying to, ensuring clarity for HR departments.
  • Resume and Cover Letter Uploads: Easy upload options for resumes and cover letters streamline the review process.
  • Work Experience and Education Sections: Detailed fields for past employment and educational background help in evaluating candidate qualifications.
  • Skills, Certifications, and References: Collect information on skills, licenses, and professional references all in one place.
  • EOE Compliance: Includes voluntary self-identification for Equal Opportunity Employment compliance.

Employ this form on your careers page to enhance your hiring strategy, ensuring no detail is missed and the best candidates can shine through.

Digital Online Job Application Features

Streamline Recruitment Process
Streamline Recruitment Process
Efficiently collect detailed applicant information to streamline your recruitment process.
Enhance Candidate Experience
Enhance Candidate Experience
User-friendly design encourages applicants to complete submissions with ease, enhancing their experience.
Simplify HR Workflows
Simplify HR Workflows
Seamless integration into HR processes simplifies tasks like onboarding and performance assessments.
Ensure EOE Compliance
Ensure EOE Compliance
Voluntary self-identification feature ensures Equal Opportunity Employment compliance for a diverse workforce.
Empower Hiring Strategy
Empower Hiring Strategy
Utilize comprehensive information collection to ensure no detail is missed and the best candidates shine through.
Boost Productivity & Engagement
Boost Productivity & Engagement
Enhance productivity and employee experience by simplifying tasks and improving HR workflows.
Digital Online Job Application Form Template
Customizable Form Fields
You can add, remove or re-arrange form fields when using our form builder app.
title (html-block)
personal_info (html-block)
full_name* (text, input)
Full Name
address* (street-address)
email* (email)
phone* (phone-number)
linkedin (url)
LinkedIn Profile
portfolio (url)
Portfolio or Personal Website
position_info (html-block)
job_title* (text, input)
Job Title or Reference Number
department (text, input)
Department or Team
resume_info (html-block)
resume* (file-upload)
Upload Resume/CV
work_experience (html-block)
previous_employers* (text, input)
Previous Employers
education_info (html-block)
education* (text, input)
Educational Background
certifications (text, input)
Certifications or Licenses
skills_info (html-block)
skills* (text, input)
Skills and Qualifications
cover_letter_info (html-block)
cover_letter (file-upload)
Upload Cover Letter
references_info (html-block)
references* (text, input)
Professional References
additional_info (html-block)
additional_comments (text, textarea)
Additional Comments
equal_opportunity_info (html-block)
self_identification (text, input)
Voluntary Self-Identification

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