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Employee Time Off Request Form Template

Our Employee Time Off Request Form makes it super easy for workers to ask for leave and for HR to handle it. It's a simple form where staff fill in their info, what kind of leave they need, and when. They also write why they need the time off and how many days or hours they'll be gone. Plus, they can list who's got their back at work while they're out. This helps everything run smooth without any mix-ups.

For HR and managers, this form's a game-changer. It lines up all the leave details in one spot, so approving time off is a breeze. And it helps plan ahead to make sure work keeps flowing.

With this form, managing time off is clear-cut, keeping everyone in the loop and the workplace humming along. It's good for business and gives your team the break they need.

Employee Time Off Request Features

Streamline Leave Requests
Streamline Leave Requests
Effortlessly submit and approve time off requests, ensuring smooth operations and happy employees.
Simplify HR Workflows
Simplify HR Workflows
Integrate seamlessly into HR processes for efficient onboarding, leave management, and performance assessments.
Enhance Employee Experience
Enhance Employee Experience
Empower employees with a user-friendly form to request leave, fostering a positive work environment.
Improve Workforce Planning
Improve Workforce Planning
Plan ahead by easily tracking leave details, ensuring coverage and maintaining productivity.
Boost Business Efficiency
Boost Business Efficiency
Clear-cut management of time off requests keeps everyone informed and the workplace running smoothly.
Drive Team Collaboration
Drive Team Collaboration
Facilitate teamwork by allowing employees to list colleagues covering their workload during absences.
Employee Time Off Request Form Template
Customizable Form Fields
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title (html-block)
employee_info (html-block)
employee_name* (text, input)
Employee's Name
employee_id* (text, input)
Employee ID or Personnel Number
department* (text, input)
Department or Team
phone_number* (phone-number)
Phone Number
email* (email)
request_details (html-block)
request_date* (date)
Date of Request
leave_type* (select, dropdown)
Type of Leave
start_date* (date-time)
Start Date and Time
end_date* (date-time)
End Date and Time
reason_for_request (html-block)
explanation* (text, textarea)
Provide a brief explanation for the time off request
duration (html-block)
total_days* (number)
Total Number of Days Requested
partial_day_hours (number)
If it's a partial day request, specify the number of hours
work_coverage_plan (html-block)
coverage_plan* (text, textarea)
Information on how you plan to ensure coverage of your responsibilities during the absence
colleague_names (text, input)
Names of colleagues who will cover the workload, if applicable
additional_comments (html-block)
comments (text, textarea)
Any additional comments or notes

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