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Backorder Product Waiting List Form Template

Our Product Waiting List Form is a vital tool for managing customer expectations for out-of-stock or high-demand items. This form is designed to ensure your customers are the first to know when their desired products are back in stock.

With this form, customers can:

  • Provide contact details for notification purposes.
  • Describe the specific product they are interested in.
  • Specify the product category or type for better identification.
  • Indicate their preferred version or variant of the product.
  • State the quantity they wish to purchase to facilitate inventory planning.
  • Choose their preferred method of notification to suit their convenience.
  • Leave additional comments or special requests regarding their interest.

In addition, customers can learn how their data will be used and give their consent, ensuring transparency and trust in line with your privacy policy.

This form is an excellent addition for retailers and e-commerce platforms looking to improve customer service and manage high-demand inventory efficiently.

Backorder Product Waiting List Features

Instant Restock Notifications
Instant Restock Notifications
Notify customers immediately when their desired products are back in stock.
Streamlined Customer Preferences
Streamlined Customer Preferences
Efficiently collect and manage customer preferences for backordered items.
Transparent Data Consent
Transparent Data Consent
Build trust with customers by clearly outlining data usage and obtaining consent.
Customizable Notification Methods
Customizable Notification Methods
Allow customers to choose how they want to be notified when products are available.
Enhanced Inventory Planning
Enhanced Inventory Planning
Facilitate inventory management by capturing customer demand and quantity preferences.
Improved Customer Service
Improved Customer Service
Enhance customer satisfaction by keeping them informed and prioritizing their product interests.
Backorder Product Waiting List Form Template
Customizable Form Fields
You can add, remove or re-arrange form fields when using our form builder app.
title (html-block)
contact_info (html-block)
full_name* (text, input)
Full Name
email_address* (email)
Email Address
phone_number (phone-number)
Phone Number
product_info (html-block)
product_name* (text, input)
Product Name or Description
product_type (text, input)
Product Category or Type
preferred_config (html-block)
product_variant (text, input)
Preferred Product Version
quantity_desired (html-block)
quantity* (integer)
notification_pref (html-block)
notification_method* (select, dropdown)
Preferred Notification Method
additional_comments (html-block)
comments (text, textarea)
referral (html-block)
referral_source (text, input)
Referral Source
privacy_data (html-block)
data_consent* (boolean, buttons)
I consent to my data being used as outlined above.

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