Artist Artwork Submission Form for Galleries and Exhibitions
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"Artwork Submission Form"

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Artist Artwork Submission Form for Galleries and Exhibitions Form Template

When you're ready to showcase your artistic talent to galleries and exhibitions, the Artist Artwork Submission Form is the perfect solution. This comprehensive form gathers all the necessary details about your artwork, from dimensions to pricing, making it easy for galleries to review your submissions. And with the Modern Metro theme, your form will exude a sleek, minimalist aesthetic that enhances user experience. The borderless inputs and soothing powder blue background create a visually appealing form that stands out on any website.

By incorporating the Artist Artwork Submission Form for Galleries and Exhibitions template with the Modern Metro theme, you can elevate your online presence and streamline the submission process. The form's organized layout and the theme's modern design elements make it a standout choice for artists looking to make a lasting impression. Customize the form fields to suit your needs and watch as the Modern Metro theme transforms your form into a visually stunning masterpiece. Ready to showcase your art in style? Dive into the world of Wizara forms today!

Artist Artwork Submission Form for Galleries and Exhibitions Features

Streamlined Artist Submissions
Streamlined Artist Submissions
Effortlessly gather artist details and artwork specifics for gallery exhibitions.
Seamless File Uploads
Seamless File Uploads
Allow artists to easily showcase their work by uploading images with clarity.
Organized Gallery Reviews
Organized Gallery Reviews
Keep artist submissions tidy and accessible for efficient review processes.
Modern Minimalist Design
Modern Minimalist Design
Enhance user experience with a clean, borderless form theme for a sleek look.
Versatile Form Customization
Versatile Form Customization
Adapt the form to fit various art show needs with configurable design elements.
Professional Artist Connection
Professional Artist Connection
Demonstrate value for artists' work and simplify gallery connections professionally.
Artist Artwork Submission Form for Galleries and Exhibitions Form Template
Customizable Form Fields
You can add, remove or re-arrange form fields when using our form builder app.
title (html-block)
full_name* (text, input)
Full Name
email* (email)
phone_number* (phone-number)
Phone Number
address* (street-address)
artist_bio* (text, textarea)
Artist Biography or Statement
section_divider_1 (html-block)
artwork_title* (text, input)
Title of the Artwork
medium* (text, input)
Medium/Technique Used
dimensions* (text, input)
Dimensions (height, width, depth)
year_created* (integer)
Year Created
price* (number)
Price or Estimated Value
edition_number (text, input)
Edition Number (if applicable)
artwork_description* (text, textarea)
Description/Artist Statement about the artwork
framing_info (text, input)
Framing Information (if applicable)
section_divider_2 (html-block)
image_upload* (file-upload)
Upload Image
section_divider_3 (html-block)
for_sale* (boolean, buttons)
Is the artwork available for sale?
for_exhibition (boolean, buttons)
If not for sale, is it available for exhibition or display only?
section_divider_4 (html-block)
exhibition_history (text, input)
Has this artwork been exhibited elsewhere? If so, where and when?
awards (text, input)
Awards or recognition received (if applicable)
section_divider_5 (html-block)
additional_comments (text, textarea)
Additional Comments/Notes
section_divider_6 (html-block)
agreement* (boolean, checkbox)
I agree to the terms and conditions

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