Artist Artwork Submission Form for Galleries and Exhibitions
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Artist Artwork Submission Form for Galleries and Exhibitions Form Template

Our Artist Artwork Submission Form is crafted to make it easy for artists to share their work with galleries. It's a straightforward way to apply for exhibitions and showcase talent. This form gathers all the details galleries need to know about an artist and their creations.

Artists can quickly fill out their contact details, tell their story in a brief biography, and share the specifics of each piece of art. They can mention the title, the mediums used, the size, when it was made, and its value. Plus, artists can upload clear images of their art, making it easier for galleries to see the beauty of their work.

The form also asks if the artwork is for sale or just for showing, and if it's been on display before or won any awards. This gives galleries a full picture of the art's history.

For galleries, this form is a helpful way to keep artist submissions organized. It makes reviewing artists' work simpler because all the information comes in the same format. And since the form can be changed to fit different needs, it works well for all sorts of art shows.

By using this form on your website, you show artists you value their work and make it simpler for them to connect with you. It's a professional touch that can make your gallery stand out.

Artist Artwork Submission Form for Galleries and Exhibitions Features

Showcase Your Artistry
Showcase Your Artistry
Highlight your talent with a professional submission form that captures your artistic vision.
Streamline Gallery Submissions
Streamline Gallery Submissions
Effortlessly submit your artwork details and biography to galleries for exhibitions.
Capture Art in Detail
Capture Art in Detail
Provide dimensions, medium, and value details alongside high-quality image uploads.
Simplify Exhibition Process
Simplify Exhibition Process
Easily indicate if your artwork is for sale, exhibition-only, or has a history of awards.
Organize Artist Submissions
Organize Artist Submissions
Galleries can efficiently review and manage artist applications with a standardized form.
Elevate Your Gallery Presence
Elevate Your Gallery Presence
Show artists you value their work and enhance your gallery's professionalism with Wizara forms.
Artist Artwork Submission Form for Galleries and Exhibitions Form Template
Customizable Form Fields
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title (html-block)
full_name* (text, input)
Full Name
email* (email)
phone_number* (phone-number)
Phone Number
address* (street-address)
artist_bio* (text, textarea)
Artist Biography or Statement
section_divider_1 (html-block)
artwork_title* (text, input)
Title of the Artwork
medium* (text, input)
Medium/Technique Used
dimensions* (text, input)
Dimensions (height, width, depth)
year_created* (integer)
Year Created
price* (number)
Price or Estimated Value
edition_number (text, input)
Edition Number (if applicable)
artwork_description* (text, textarea)
Description/Artist Statement about the artwork
framing_info (text, input)
Framing Information (if applicable)
section_divider_2 (html-block)
image_upload* (file-upload)
Upload Image
section_divider_3 (html-block)
for_sale* (boolean, buttons)
Is the artwork available for sale?
for_exhibition (boolean, buttons)
If not for sale, is it available for exhibition or display only?
section_divider_4 (html-block)
exhibition_history (text, input)
Has this artwork been exhibited elsewhere? If so, where and when?
awards (text, input)
Awards or recognition received (if applicable)
section_divider_5 (html-block)
additional_comments (text, textarea)
Additional Comments/Notes
section_divider_6 (html-block)
agreement* (boolean, checkbox)
I agree to the terms and conditions

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