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Customer Churn Feedback Survey Form Template

The Customer Churn Survey Form is a critical tool for businesses aiming to understand and analyze the reasons behind a customer's decision to leave their service. This form is meticulously designed to gather in-depth feedback from departing customers, providing valuable insights that can drive improvement and retention strategies.

Questions are carefully crafted to uncover the core reasons for cancellation, discover if customers have found alternative solutions, and identify what enhancements could persuade them to return. The survey also gauges the customer's perception of pricing competitiveness and their likelihood of recommending the services to others, which can be pivotal data points for market comparison and net promoter score analysis.

Including options for customers to express their willingness to re-engage with the company offers a direct insight into the potential for reversing churn. Additionally, the form provides space for any further comments, ensuring that all customer feedback is heard, and crucially, it allows for the collection of contact details for follow-up, demonstrating a commitment to addressing customer concerns.

Implementing this Customer Churn Survey Form on your platform not only reflects a proactive approach to customer service but also underscores a dedication to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. It's a step towards transforming customer feedback into actionable change and fostering a more loyal customer base.

Customer Churn Feedback Survey Features

Actionable Customer Insights
Actionable Customer Insights
Gain valuable feedback on why customers leave and what improvements can win them back.
Data-Driven Retention Strategies
Data-Driven Retention Strategies
Leverage customer feedback to enhance services and boost retention rates effectively.
Seamless Re-Engagement Opportunities
Seamless Re-Engagement Opportunities
Identify re-engagement potential and turn churned customers into loyal advocates.
Competitive Pricing Analysis
Competitive Pricing Analysis
Compare pricing perceptions with competitors to optimize pricing strategies.
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
Transform feedback into actionable changes, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.
Proactive Customer Service Approach
Proactive Customer Service Approach
Demonstrate commitment to customer concerns by collecting feedback for continuous improvement.
Customer Churn Feedback Survey Form Template
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htmlTitle (html-block)
Customer Churn Survey
input1* (text, textarea)
What was the reason for canceling your subscription or service with us?
input2* (text, textarea)
Did you find an alternative solution that better met your needs? If so, what was it?
input3* (text, textarea)
What improvements could we make to our product/service to better meet your needs?
buttons1* (select, radio)
Would you consider re-engaging with our company in the future if we address the concerns you have shared?
buttons2* (select, radio)
Did you feel that our pricing was competitive compared to other companies in the industry?
buttons3* (select, radio)
How likely are you to recommend our company to others in the future?
input4 (text, textarea)
Do you have any additional feedback?
htmlcontact (html-block)
nameFirst (text, input)
First Name
nameLast (text, input)
Last Name
email (email)

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